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Tile Adhesive

Prompt:Lippo porcelain
Tile Adhesive

Strong bonding smooth low water absorption surface, effectively prevent the hollowing of hot water and weather, high performance, good durability. Compatible with the cement mortar with excellent impermeability and waterproof performance of green environmental protection, non-toxic harmless.

Construction method

1 if the surface of the wall before the painting or renovation of the old surface only need to use a short roller rolling.
2 tiles: brown paste brush or a small drum adhesive evenly, directly coated on the back surface of the tile (brick around the edge can leave about 2mm, to prevent the adhesive flow to the front, etc.) for 5-10 minutes or until the surface of the transparent, with ordinary cement mortar mixing into a paste. The surface was posted also suggest brushing again this bond porcelain Lippo, stronger, better waterproof effect, no hollowing, no shedding.

Recommended dosage

This product can be brushed per tile 12-16 square, depending on the specific conditions of the base surface and the actual construction thickness.

Safety guidance

Away from children, avoid contact with skin, once touch the eyes, please rinse with water immediately or seek treatment, if swallowed, seek medical care immediately and show the packaging and labels, use only in well ventilated area.

Application scope

Kitchen, bathroom, balcony, terrace
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