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PU foam

PU foam

1 doors, windows, wooden perimeter seal.

2 pipe, vent and outlet crack filling.

3 all kinds of wall cracks sealed insulation.

Usage method:

1. wear protective gloves, goggles and work clothes.
2 .remove dirt, grease and dust on the surface.
3. in the use of -40 5 degrees C.
4 .shake tank for 2 minutes.
5 .off the lid, put the gun on the head.
6. inverted tank, the gun head is inserted into the hole at the bottom of the bubble, slowly grips. First test on the surface of the test.
7 .foam filled cavities 40%, the expansion.
8. remove excess foam from nozzle and valve with cleaning agent.
9.20 minutes to dry, fill in within 24 hours.
10. shaped filler can be used for cutting, painting, sandblasting, shaping and waterproof.
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