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White Latex

Prompt:White latex
White Latex

Qi Chenbai latex is a multifunctional environment-friendly white latex, suitable for all kinds of high-grade Hotel Familia decoration, furniture manufacturing, wood, sheet and other structural adhesive, interior wall paint manufacturing packaging production.

Product features:

1 long shelf life. It is made of high quality material and its physical and chemical properties are very stable.
2 fast drying. The main structure, moisture and easy separation, after construction is easy to be solid, thus greatly shorten the construction time, convenient operation.
3 super glue. Product formulation science, dry and solid after the bonding super.
4 extremely easy construction. The product structure of Qi Chenbai latex is very delicate, so the coating is very good, whether it is scratch, brush, roller, very smooth smoothly, it is easy to spray evenly, thus greatly facilitate the construction of workers.
5 health and environmental protection. Qi Chenbai latex is very environmentally friendly, do not add a drop of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the production process. The material is non-toxic, evaporation of water, so it does not affect the construction personnel and the health of the user, which is green environmental protection products, has won the China environmental certification mark.
6 very antifreeze. Qi Chen because of its combination of white latex particles, in particular with the help of antifreeze factor, low temperature is very stable after heating up as usual.

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