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Silicone Sealant

Prompt:Acid silica glass
Silicone Sealant
Product features

This glue is acid silicone structural sealant, silicone structural sealant acid is generally used in wood at the back of the frame, strong cohesive force. Most of the materials have good bonding strength and sealing performance. The glue has excellent electrical insulation property, moisture-proof, anti corona, and absorbing the shock effect; it has good high and low temperature performance, high temperature range of -60-300 DEG C; outdoor performance of aging resistance, service life can reach 20-30 years; the same yellow, no oil leakage, excellent comprehensive performance.

Typical use

Sealing cracks and gaps, the use of a wide range of waterproof, anti mildew, elastic lasting. This product can be used for sealing glass, ceramics, enamel, ceramic, plastic, metal and wood. The utility model can be used for aquariums and fish tanks.

Usage method

1, clean the surface: will be glued or coated surface clean, remove rust, dust and oil, etc..
2, apply glue: cut the hose mouth, glue to squeeze clean surface, so that the distribution of uniform. When bonding, the adhesive surface is folded and fixed.
3, curing: the coating of good parts in the air, room temperature curing, 24 hours of adhesive layer will solidify 2-4mm thickness, it is recommended that customers in the use of waiting for long enough to make it fully cured and then put into use.
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