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Structural Sealant

Prompt:Neutral silicone structural adhesive QC-8000
Structural Sealant
Product features

The 1 component, neutral curing, high strength, high adhesion, high modulus, has strong anti displacement ability.
2 and most of the building materials can be obtained without the need for excellent sealing performance, and has good extensibility, water tightness and other functions.
3 product curing after the formation of cold, heat, non corrosive elastomer, excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone resistance and
High and low temperature resistance, no pollution to the environment.

Main use

1 glass curtain wall, stone (marble, granite) curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall and metal structure engineering joint sealing.
2 apply to glass, lighting top, hollow glass two bond seal.
3 other industrial and construction applications.

Construction Summary

1 does not apply to the surface of any grease, plasticizer or solvent.
2 not easy to use in confined space or directly into the surface of food or drinking water.
3 the surface temperature of the substrate should not be less than 4 degrees or more than 40 degrees.
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