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Multifunctional strong nail free glue

Prompt:Multifunctional strong nail free glue
Multifunctional strong nail free glue

Product introduction:

Qi Chen nail free glue (liquid nails), with a strong adhesive force, it can substitute nails without surface drilling to material fixed and bonded wood, gypsum board, MDF, stone, cement, tile, metal, plastic, rubber etc..

Product features:

A, super adhesion, high bond strength;
B, good flexibility, not brittle, and will not affect the adhesion of the contraction due to the movement of the building;
C, the use of a wide range of adhesive can be the vast majority of substrates, and even wet wood can be bonded;
D, will not sag, can be filled, dry paint;
E, good weather resistance, waterproof function;
F, non-toxic tasteless non polluting, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, in line with GB18583 standards.

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