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Source:Shandong Qi Chen new building materials Co., Ltd. Date:2017-8-13
Prompt: use: one component silicone sealant can be used immediately, with the glue gun is easy to hit it from the plastic bottle, and can be used a spatula or wood surface dressing.
1, use: one component silicone sealant can be used immediately, with the glue gun is easy to hit it from the plastic bottle, and can be used a spatula or wood surface dressing.
2, stick to the time: during the curing process of silicone rubber is from the surface inward, different properties of silica gel dry time and curing time are not the same (curing time details please refer to the fourth articles of "technical data" content), so if you want to repair the surface must be dry before the glass glue table (of acid gel, neutral transparent glue should generally be in 5-10 minutes, neutral gum variegated in general should be within 30 minutes). If the use of color paper to cover a certain place, after coating, must be taken before the formation of the skin.
3, curing time and curing time of glass glue is increased with the increase of the adhesive thickness, the thickness of the glass glue such as 12mm acid, may take 3-4 days to solidify, but about 24 hours, the 3mm has solidified layer. Adhesion of glass, metal or most wood, 72 hours at room temperature with a 20 pounds / inch peel strength. If the local or all of the sealant is used, the curing time is determined by the degree of closure. In a place that is absolutely airtight, it is possible that it will never be cured. If the temperature increases, the glass will become soft. The gap between metal and metal should not exceed 25mm. In a variety of bonding occasions, including the sealed case, the bonding equipment before use, should check the bonding effect.
In the curing process of acid glass glue, due to the volatilization of acetic acid will produce a smell, this taste will disappear in the curing process, curing will be no smell.
4, bonding:
A. completely wipe the surface of the metal and plastic, oil, and then remove all the surface of the plastic in addition to acetone first, the surface of the rubber sandpaper, and then rub with acetone. When using acetone, observe the use of the solvent.
B. glass glue evenly onto the surface of the object is ready, if the two surface bonding, the side of the first find position, with enough force to squeeze the other side out of the air, but don't squeeze glass glue.
C. place the bonding device at room temperature until the glass is cured.
5, sealing: silicone rubber sealant for the occasion, also in accordance with the above steps, the glass glue force into the joint surface or gap, so that the glass glue and the surface fully contact.
6, clean: glass glue can not be cured before the use of cloth or paper towel to wipe, after curing, you must scrape with a scraper or xylene, acetone and other solvents scrub.
7, matters needing attention:
Acidic glass glue in the curing process will release a pungent gas, the human eye and respiratory irritation. The release of methanol in the curing process. Methanol has the potential to cause cancer and is known to be allergic to the skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, the use of this product should be in a well ventilated environment, avoid contact with the eyes or for a long time to contact with the skin (after use, eating, smoking should wash their hands), shall not swallow into the product. Do not let children touch; construction site should be well ventilated; if accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse with water, and immediately seek medical treatment. Fully cured glass glue without any danger.
8, general guide: before use, please carefully read the correct construction method and use of glass glue, please pay attention to the safe use and related to the health hazards.
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